Your Focus Determines Your Life

When I used to be depressed, I always wondered why life was so unfair. It always seemed like the people who were happy were just getting happier, and sad people sadder. Rich people were getting richer, while poor got poorer. It seemed like god was punishing me for being sad and being in a tough spot, which seemed incredibly unfair.

But when I came to realize a few years ago that what we focus on seems to make all the difference, I realized that this system of “life” was actually very fair, and very empowering. It’s because life is like a positive feedback mechanism, where doing one thing brings more of the same. It might seem unfair to those who make the wrong choices continuously, but also ensures the possibility that once they start thinking and acting in positive ways, that it becomes a virtuous cycle where it just gets easier and easier to have more positives in your life and harder and harder to have negatives.

The person who is depressed (like I was) continuously thinks of how bad their situation is or how bad they themselves are. This focus ensures that you only see the bad sides, and because of this they behave in ways that bring further negative things into their life. The person who is positive does not allow their attention to dwell too much on negative thoughts, but always looks for positives. Therefore they see more opportunities, and they see possibilities, which allows them to improve their life.

Life seems to be always offering the possibility of a better life or a worse one, and we have the choice by shifting our focus. When you buy a new car, you suddenly notice the same model everywhere you go. It’s not that they weren’t there before, but that you are now aware of them. Just like this, life is always full of opportunities and possibilities, but only if your mindset is in such a state to receive it will you see and take advantage of them.

So focus on things that are good, and things that makes you feel good deep down. Don’t let yourself sit on bad thoughts for long periods of time. It’s okay to plan for possible bad things in the future but always with the mindset of not expecting the bad thing to happen.


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