Time For A New Political System

There has been mounting dissatisfaction in regards to the politics in most countries around the world. People are unhappy with how little change there has been, and are losing trust in their politicians. I feel that we are now at a stage where the whole system needs to, and can be, changed into something better where the people have the power.

The current system where the people vote for a representative, who then decides what our laws will be and where our tax money will be spent, grew out of necessity, as in the past not everyone could travel to a certain location every so often to discuss and vote on new policies. It has served us reasonably well until now, but it is clear that the system has a major flaw. Politicians.

And I don’t mean to attack the politicians in a hostile way. I’m not suggest that they are evil or such. It’s just that we are putting a lot of power and responsibility into the hands of very few people, which can lead to problems if those individuals are not in politics to actually improve the country. They are only human, and as all humans, they are susceptible to greed and fear. Currently the system is set up so that there is no way to have pure politics, untainted by personal desires and flaws. The politics of the recent years and the resultant social discord is suggesting that we now need to take a new path.

Through new technology like the Blockchain, we can now realize a direct democracy, where each and every person can vote on the policies themselves. This will mean that there will be no need for politicians, other than perhaps being mediators of the process and helping to educate the public on the significance of each policy. The people will have complete control over what they feel is good for them, and the results will reflect what the majority of the people want. The system will be free of corruption and free from undue influence by corporations and those with lots of connections to important figures.

There are obviously some potential downsides as well. The majority aren’t always right about what is good for everyone, and sometimes they can be swayed to make emotional decisions which can be harmful in the long run. This will need to be alleviated by focusing more on education of the public and children about policies and the potential impact it can have on their future. When policies that require specialist knowledge are being discussed such as healthcare, the public will need to be provided with enough knowledge to make their decision through various information channels.

While the potential downsides can be quite significant, it is clear that the current system needs to be changed, and I believe we need to give the responsibility back to the people. If they make the wrong decisions, let them pay for it. But at least it is their choice and their freedom.


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