Strength Of Will Determines Strength To Act

We have all had experiences where we really want something, but we don’t act to obtain it. We want to lose weight, but we don’t eat right and exercise more. We want to make more money, but we don’t learn more about how to do so. We want a better relationship, but don’t put in the work needed. Why does this happen? It is probably because our will is not wholehearted.

Our body and our entire being makes decisions based on what we believe. And when we meet resistance from our body and mind, despite the desire for change being present, it is an indication that you have conflicting beliefs or desires.

For example, you want to lose weight. But you find yourself being unable to take action or stick to a plan. In one part of your mind, you really do want to lose weight. If you could achieve this magically without any cost, then you probably would. But in another corner of your mind, you believe that the pain of growth is too much, compared to the reward. Therefore you are constantly fighting against yourself, and your will is weak and undirected.

The strength and power to make changes in your life is correlated to the strength and directionality of your will. When you purely desire to achieve something, and you consider the rewards to far outweigh the pain, then you will have great power. The greater the imbalance between desire for something and the fear of the cost of attempting to get it, the more able you become.

How do you go about obtaining purity of will? It won’t be easy. You need to find a strong reason for attempting to get what you are trying to get. Then you have to realize the true consequences of not obtaining your goal, or not even having attempted it. This could be different for each person. It may be that if you don’t attempt, you will live in misery all your life. Or at your deathbed it will be your greatest regret. Think of the true reward of obtaining your goal. Do not underestimate the potential rewards. Then make a commitment to achieve your goal no matter what, even if you died trying.

If you’ve properly thought about the risks and rewards of trying for your goal, you may end up not attempting your goal at all because you realize it is not worth it, or you may end up feeling that you must give it your all because you would regret it otherwise. And when you will to give all you’ve got, you can become unstoppable.


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