Being Different

“It’s no sign of health to be well adjusted to a sick society”. This is a saying that I recently came across, and something which I profoundly agree with.

All throughout my life, I tried to become part of the normal society, because I was told that this was good for me. I can see how I was encouraged from various sources to persue careers and hobbies and lifestyles that was considered safe and secure, and was respected by society at large. And for the longest time I believed that I should do what I was told to do, though I didn’t think like that consciously. Consciously, I thought I was in control and that this path was something I personally wanted and had personally chosen.

But then when my family and I went through a crisis (mom dying from cancer), I started to realize what a foolish thing it was to seek a secure job that I don’t enjoy and to get respect from others who I don’t care much about, when all it takes was some malfunctioning cells to wipe me out.

When I started having these thoughts, I also started to notice how society as a whole was not very healthy. People believed things that were limiting them, and making them unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled. I don’t know how I did not see these things before, but now that I did, I realized most people are trapped in an illusion and that they do not understand what they are doing or see where they are going. This freed me from being influenced by the opinions of others.

These days, I have great respect for those who persue their own path in life, who choose their path despite opposition from those around them, and even loved ones. In the past I would have shown some respect but would say to myself that it’s risky choice to take, but now I feel that the greater risk is to be well adjusted to a sick society.

If you are thinking of taking a unconventional path in life, not because of external reasons but for internal ones, then I believe that it is a risk worth taking.


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