Master One Thing First

I believe in mastering one thing over being just good at many different things. I feel that at the core of everything, it all leads to one place. And if you don’t dig deep in one spot, you won’t reach this depth. Only after you have truly mastered and understood one thing profoundly should you try to learn the next thing.

I’m not saying that you should go and master each unimportant aspect of your life before mastering the next. You don’t have to master making your bed before going on to master brushing your teeth. But if you have an interest in a certain area of life – martial arts for example, then master the one martial art first. This will lead to insights about life, nature of human beings, universal value of certain character traits and others, which will be applicable to anything else in life.

The value of discipline, patience, embracing failure, will be of use no matter what area of life you attempt to master next, and there will be many other connections between different areas of life that you will not realize until you have reached a certain depth in one area. That’s why when businesses are hiring people for senior roles, they often look for success in some other area of their life, because it increases the likelihood of finding someone who has attained deep understanding of the way things are, which makes them more likely to succeed in the new role.

So if you have an interest or passion in something, don’t give up on it until you have attained these deeper understandings. For once you have gained them, you have gained for all aspects of your life and not just your passion.


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