What Religions have in Common and Inerrancy of Holy Texts

If religions relinquished the inerrancy of their respective holy texts, and admit possibilities of distortion and changes, it becomes easier to reconcile the different religions, for they teach similar things at the core. These things are love for god, and love for others. Love of god may possibly be about loving righteousness, truth, justice, mercy, etc, since these are aspects of god. Loving god and loving others are themese shared across all religions and holy or awakened men throughout history.

The fight rises from the non-central parts of each religion which are believed to be central by the religious, and brought to the fore. This causes arguments and fights, even wars. Eventually leads to people hating god altogether.

So how can the religions be right when their fruit is so rotten? Jesus said judge a tree by its fruits. The best fruits came from people who were not particularly religious. Not even Jesus was religious – he in fact criticized many of the very religious people at the time for their hypocrisy. The people who produced good fruits did not emphasise the minor parts of their own religions, which weren’t shared by others. They only focused on the laws which are already inscribed in our hearts. They emphasised the importance of not only acting righteously, but being righteous down to the thoughts and beliefs. (Righteous meaning loving the things that are true and just and loving).

I do however believe that each religion reveals a part of the truth. Their holy texts might not be the complete truth, but if the religions themselves were not based on some kind of truth that humans deeply resonated with, they would not have formed such large followings that lasted for so long.

So perhaps the task is to see what each have in common, and how the religions complement each other, instead of treating the holy texts as god. This way, we may see what truly attracted human beings to religion, and allow us a better glimpse of god. And if everyone in the world tried to live by the laws in our hearts, the world would surely be a better place.

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