Characteristics of the Successful

Reading about the lives of many of our great historical figures and their ‘successes’, there is a common pattern. These people, who have done things which are so amazing that the world changed forever, did not get to where they did by chance. They had characteristics in common, which are often hard to find in most people, which I believe is the reason for their success.

The first characteristic of those who do something great, is that they just don’t give up. We have all heard stories of how persistent these people were. Thomas Edison and his attempts to make a working light bulb, Wright brothers and their struggles to create a flying machine, Einstein and his fight with the established science community for acceptance of his ideas, Elon Musk and his repeated attempts at reusable rockets…They embrace failure. Most of us would think of failure as one step back. But they do not take failure as final and instead consider them as one step forward.

The second characteristic that many of these people are good at learning from their mistakes. This is closely related to the first point, in that they take their failures as an important lesson, something to learn from. The more effective someone is at learning from their failures, the faster they would become effective in their chosen endeavour.

Another characteristic, which I believe gives rise to the other two, is that these people believed in themselves. They believed that if they didn’t quit, they will succeed, and even if they didn’t succeed, the life of having tried was worth it to them. They felt deeply that true and final failure would be go against what you truly believe and quitting.

I believe that their natural talents may have played a significant role in many cases, but I also think that most of us have natural talents in certain areas. It may be in an area that you think can’t possibly be useful, but finding the path in life that leverages your talents is probably an important part of leaving an impact, and changing the world for the better, even if in a small way.

The important thing, is to remember that you have far more potential than you might believe you have, and to believe in yourself. Believe that you can make the world a better place. And then live your belief. As long as you continue to believe and never stop trying to make this world better, there is no such thing as failure.


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