Dreamers Change the World

Many people live this life with the goal of having a stable job, and saving enough money to retire and live in comfort. However, I don’t feel that this is all we are here for. I feel that people have the power to achieve so much more, not just for themselves but for others in this world.

Whether big or small, people have dreams (or perhaps had when they were a child). They have things they love doing. They have things they are good at doing. But more often than not, the dreams are squashed as they have been told to be ‘realistic’, and the talents they have end up being used just for their hobbies, if they are even used at all.

These dreams and talents they had, if carefully nurtured and allowed to flourish, could have become world-changers. So often throughout history, it was a dream of some ‘naive’ dreamer, that lead to revolutionary changes in the world. Many of the triumphs of humanity, came from individuals who believed in themselves, and believed that their dreams and talents were there for a reason. Look at people like the Wright brothers, Einstein, and more recently, Elon Musk. Against all odds, against all disbelief, they pushed on because they believed in themselves, and believed that what they had to offer for the world was truly important.

This world could be so much better, if people did not feel pressured to be ‘realistic’ (in other words, feel pressured to think of themselves as not being good enough to succeed in their passions). I believe many parents and teachers are doing a great disservice to the world when they stamp out a child’s dream because it is ‘unrealistic’.

If you are someone who is reading this and agree with what I’m saying, yet do not have a dream or passion, it is likely due to the lifetime of conditioning you received from your environment. Don’t worry. Know that you have the power to do great things for the world, and in time your dreams will emerge and become clearer.


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