Different view of God and Christianity

Through recent experiences in my life, I have come to catch a glimpse of a whole different way of seeing christianity compared to the views put into us by the church. This new view combines everything I know about the world, and I believe it answers some of the more difficult questions that rise against christianity. This may not sit well with some of the more orthodox christians out there. But some others may find it helpful nonetheless.

The current orthodox view is that Jesus is the son of god, who came to save us from our sins, and that through faith we are saved from the wrath of god. We are then promised eternal life in heaven with god. Jesus also tells us that the most important laws are that of loving god and loving our neighbors, and that this is the whole law.

However there are few things which never was very clear. What is 'faith'? What is 'heaven'? What is 'loving god'?

Loving god and loving others

I was contemplating how amazing some aspects of this world was, such as the depth of arts like Judo, psychology, the human body, nutrition and trading were. I realised there were common patterns running through them all, a string of something that made each of those similar to the other. I noticed that renowned experts in other fields expressing thoughts about their own arts, which were very similar to the kinds of things I was seeing in the aspects of life I was involved in.

This made me think – perhaps everyone is seeing god in their own walks of life. Perhaps because god is the creator and the artist of the world, and he is infinite in infinite different ways, we are loving god when we love the beauty and the wonder that exists within nature and the different paths of human life.

I also noticed that those who experience the wonders that are present intheir own field, often want to share their experiences with the rest of mankind, to help improve the lives of others. I feel that this is loving your neighbors, as much as feeding the poor or taking care of the homeless, or just plainly loving your family.

In the bible there is the parable of the lambs and goats. The lambs are on one side of Jesus, and goats on the other. To make it simple, Jesus says to the goats why did you not help me when I was needing it, and goats were bewildered and ask when they ever ignored him. He answers that when they did not look after those who needed help, it is as if they were doing the same to him. Then he says to the lambs, that they helped him when he needed them, which surprises the lambs as they did not feel they helped him. But when they looked after the ones who needed help, they were doing it to Jesus. I wonder if this parable hints at how those who consider themselves christians, yet does not do good, will find themselves in the goat's position, and those who profess to not believe in god, yet do the work that god would be proud of, might find themselves on the lamb's side.

What is Heaven

Jesus keeps giving us these metaphors of heaven, which gives me the impression that it isn't a place. He says it has already arrived, and gives the impression that it is something that grows; like a mustard seed. It is a field which we sell everything to buy because you know there is treasure there.

This makes me think that heaven may be more to do with the state of us being more christ-like; more god-like. It is a world where we are fully able to utilize our full powers granted us by god at creation. It is where we receive all that we need through 'faith' (I believe that the law of attraction is used to describe what I mean by this, in some ways).It is where we have control of every aspect of our lives. It is where we are truly free. It is where our very deepest desire is to do something great for others.


Given the above views, I believe this helps to perhaps explain some questions that bothers people about christianity and god, such as what happens to people who did not know jesus? Or those people who loved life and loved others but weren't christian?

If being passionate about something in nature is loving god, and you are sharing and improving the lives of others, I would venture to say you are keeping the law. Those who did not know jesus but lived according to above, may very well have been deemed lawful by god, imperfect as they may be, through the price paid by jesus which reaches back and forwards in time infinitely.

This article was written from my views as a christian, but as I have not had the chance to seek what truth may be shared in other spiritual areas of life and other religions, I will say that this view could change. However, deep down in my guts, I feel that God is not some being that can be restricted to one religion and he is not one to be less understanding or less forgiving than even the most admirable human beings, so I feel confident that as long as people live to pursue their passions and use them to improve the life of others, that they would not have much to worry about.


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