Finding Truth through Consistency

How do I go about finding the truth? How do I know something is right or maybe not so right? While there is probably no one right way to do this, one of the ways that I found most helpful is through consistency.

Now I don’t mean consistency in the way most people use the term (such as being consistent with work, people, etc). I’m not sure consistency is the right word, but I mean the similarities of the underlying themes in many seemingly unrelated things in life.

I’ll give you an example. I have done Judo in the past, and I am also currently trading in the stock markets. You would think that there wouldn’t be many similarities between the two, but the kind of character required to succeed is extremely similar, if not identical. They both require discipline, patience, willingness to learn and be taught, persistence, and self awareness.

I noticed that this kind of consistency repeated itself across different areas of life, especially when you observed those who were considered great in their field. Whether it was Bruce Lee or Einstein, they had strikingly similar ideas on what was important in life. If you look throughout history and the writings of famous philosophers or others who had achieved great things, it’s almost as if they are all reading off the same book.

The truths that are shared across different disciplines also seems to have root in human nature as well. The qualities tend to be something that most people admire, even if they feel that they can’t achieve the same.

There are links to the spiritual teachings that have passed on throughout human history too. Teachings by people like Confucius, Sun Tzu, Jesus and Buddha. Most of these teachings share much in common with what was said previously as well.

These are the kinds of things I look for. Whenever I expand my horizons and explore a new area of life, I see connections to the other areas I have already explored. One of my goals is to try and discover these truths until I have a better understanding of this world, and perhaps use that knowledge to improve myself and also help others improve themselves.


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