Power of Our Mind

The mind seems to have a lot of power. Much more than I ever thought or believed. I only came to realise and understand some of this after my own mind became more open to new ideas.

When god created men, he brought them into existence with his ‘word’. He made us in his ‘image’ and made us his adopted children. He told us that we are gods. That we were only slightly below him. He told us to go out and heal people, that if we had ‘faith’ we could move mountains. He made us to be ‘free’.

Given the above, my thoughts are that we are not only similar to god in our reasoning and emotions, but in our creativity and the power to create. To create not just objects, but circumstances and environments as we want. Just as god created the world with his ‘word’, we create our world with our words.

We see so many poor and misfortunate people become even worse off, and we see rich and prosperous people become more so as well. From having seen both sides, now I believe that much of that is due to the conscious or unconscious use of our god given powers. Poor people often believe they will never become rich, while rich people often believe they can make more money. Both of them often end up being right.

Our beliefs or ‘faith’ determines what actions we do, from the tiniest subconscious changes in our facial expressions to large life changing actions that takes all our resources to perform. The beliefs acts as a guidance system which our power brings into reality.

What determines our beliefs then?
I think the answer to this is what you choose to focus on in your life. What you choose to expose yourself to day to day. If you keep focusing on the negatives, you ignore the positives and end up with negative beliefs about yourself and your future. Vice versa is true as well.

This is where the power of our own ‘words’ come into play. We direct our focus by the use of our words. When we experience something, the word you use to describe that experience will determine how you perceive the experience. It can be empowering or disempowering. The questions you ask yourself will determine what you focus on. The metaphors you use to describe your life will guide the direction in which you use your words and questions.

With the power we have been given, we can choose to experience life in any way we want to. We can bring about nearly any reality that we want to. But this means that we are completely responsible for our lives, and that we have no one to blame other than ourselves when we know this but do not use it fully. God is not to blame as he has allowed complete freedom in how you live your life. You can choose heaven or hell now.


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