My Way of Thinking and Organizing Thoughts

Today, I thought I would write a little about the way I take in information, the way I organize the information I take in, and the way I tend to bring these information out when I need them. I am writing about this because it may or may not be helpful to you to know a little bit about my thought process, as this is likely to heavily influence my writing, so that you can forgive me if I go off in an angle which is unexpected, or state things without clear structure.

I’ve been able to compare how I learn things compared to others since I was in university. I realised that when other people studied, they would make detailed notes, re-write them into organized structures, and then learn them by memorizing them. Compared to them, I would take no notes, I would not memorize them, but would just try and understand the main points so that the information would become ‘mine’.

This approach resulted in some differences between me and some of my colleagues. While my colleagues were often able to teach others what they have learned, and able to do it in a structured way, I found myself being unable to know where to start, which areas to teach, or even know which areas would need to be covered.

I thought about this difference for a while, and realized that for me, all the information that I acquired was swirling in my subconscious and available to me when I needed it for a task, such as answering a question or solving a problem. However it was not stored in a coherent, structured manner, so I could not get a grasp of exactly what I knew.

I still don’t really know whether the way I organize information in my head is an advantage or not. In one way, it seems like a disadvantage because I’m not able to teach in a structured manner a topic I’m familiar with, unless I try extra hard. On the other hand, I have been able to make connections between seemingly unrelated things more easily it seems, as the thoughts are not stored in an isolated ‘box’, and seem able to interact with other topics more easily.

If you find my writings a little bit disorganized at times, this is likely to be partly responsible for it. Of course, it’s more than likely because I’m a poor writer as well.


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