Just a Bit About Me

I thought I would write at least one post briefly going over my past so that you can have an idea as to where I’m coming from in most of my posts.

I am a Korean male in his late 20’s, who was born in Seoul and moved to New Zealand at the age of 5. I am perfectly comfortable in both languages and have no preference for either.

Growing up I loved reading books, and according to my parents I always carried a book around even when I was a kid. I was a shy kid, with low self esteem, which got worse in my early teens when I was subjected to racism everyday for 2 years. I formed a protective shell around my self by cutting off my emotions and learning to stay invisible.

This shell started to break when I went to university, where I joined a Korean church and found the people there to be very supportive and loving in general. I decided to open my self up more and more from then on, re-learning how to be social again.

I entered medicine, and thought this to be my calling (little did I know how much I was influenced by my environment and social circles) and eventually entered training as a trainee psychiatrist. Throughout this period, I experienced many ups and downs in both my personal life and the life of the patients who I came into contact with. My mother passed away from stomach cancer during this period, and two years later my father also passed away from the same disease. I also suffered from depression and wrestled with suicidal ideation frequently.

While all this was going on, I started to realize what kind of an internal prison I had been keeping myself in, and started to break out of it. I started questioning many of the basic assumptions that I had about my life, my job, my religion. I decided that I would find my own way and my own truth.


So now you know briefly the major events of my life which has lead me to where I am. I have kept it brief as that’s how I like to do things. Sometimes less equals more right?



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