Why I Started this Blog

I’ll be honest. I’m not a very good writer. In high school, I failed half of my final year English exams, and since then has avoided writing unless absolutely necessary.

However more recently, I have been writing down some of the random thoughts that has been entering my mind, and felt that it might be interesting to make a blog. This will help me improve my writing skills over time, and also serve to share some of the thoughts I have had, which may or may not be of use to some of the people who might stumble upon this blog.

This blog will probably not have much order to it, as it will almost be a record of my thoughts, and most likely the topic will jump from one thing to another.

Hopefully you will see what I see, which is that there seems to be some kind of connection between everything in life. There appears to be some kind of underlying ‘theme’ if you will, that runs through seemingly unrelated things.

This is what lead to me thinking that perhaps this underlying connection is part of what we might call the ‘truth’, and I have become very interested in discovering more of this through various experiences and happenings of life.

I hope you will enjoy at least some of the writings that I will be putting up.

(By the way, the updates are also not likely to be very frequent as these ideas don’t always come to me, and even when they do, it takes me a while to organize them into some coherent thought form. Thanks for understanding!)


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